Power to the pencil.

At Studio Mundi, we design advertising, marketing materials, identities and communications for businesses looking to stand out. In print or online, our big ideas usually start with a sketch – a concept. Don’t let today’s technology come between you and your imagination. Dream it and make it real. We can help.


Marketing your product or service is part science, part art and part luck. Let us help you find the best way to communicate with your target audience. We've been lucky so far!


Good design means more than picking the right font. Good design communicates quickly and effectively. We can help you craft a message that (oftentimes) says more by saying less.


Mobile, responsive, adaptive. The web is smarter than ever. Your online presence needs to keep up! And it needs to convert clicks to cash. Oh, and it would nice if you could be trending, too.


Let's get started. Let us help you speak with a clear voice. We can develop your visual identity as well as your strategy. Know yourself and others will be happy to get to know you.

Southland Mall
Southland Mall
03 Mar 2016
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
22 Jan 2016
New Orleans Regional Planning Commission
New Orleans Regional Planning Commission
15 Sep 2015